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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The door behind closes, the one ahead opens

Semester is now officially over. Had my last video conference with my instructor yesterday regarding my professional portfolio. I'm told grades should all be posted within a week, and the one that I was worried about within a day or two, so keep your fingers crossed on that one.

I feel good about the meeting yesterday. Think I will do well on the portfolio.

Now for the daunting task of reading 13 books in 2 weeks. They are all children/young adult books, so it shouldn't be too bad. If I put my mind to it I can (and have) read four books in one weekend, which are much harder to read than children's books, so...

Kind of crappy that they give us homework between semesters in this program, to be honest. It's such a marathon grind during the semester that it would be nice to be able to actually recharge the batteries a bit, especially given that we have to go year-round. No summers off, here.

One week exactly until Christmas break begins. God, do I need it. I'm really very much hoping to get a lot of writing done over those eleven days. Need to buckle down and try to get Charlie Morning finished and even revised, if I can. Publisher won't wait forever, after all.

Did I mention I'm putting in for another position here? One of the ladies with whom I work is leaving for another job, and I'm putting my name in the hat for her position. Salary-wise, it's a step sideways, but would get me off the front desk, into an office, and with stable hours (none of this working late or overnight travel business). I think I'd be happy there. So wish me luck on that. I'm already partially trained in the position, so that's a leg up for me, but there's a chance that they will either decide they don't want to deal with a search to fill my job, or that they'll decide since I'm interested they can just dump both jobs on me without compensation...that's how things sometimes work around here.

Overall, I feel pretty good about things in general. There are some serious niggling doubts about parts of my day job right now, but I'll deal with them as I can. And with any luck at all, by April 2011 I will have a Master's degree and a real career. And hopefully at least two novels on the market.

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