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Monday, June 7, 2010

(LIS 2600) Here we go, here we go again

Figure I may as well put something down here, if for no other reason than to keep the old grades up. But what to write? As I've said, I'm not one for blogging about my day to day doldrums. Few want to read that. It's dull, right?

Things are kind of in a holding pattern right now. Work is not as miserable as it was a few weeks ago--I'm falling into a routine with all the extra responsibilities, and that scares me more than hating it there did. Because when you go too far above and beyond at work, it becomes expected rather than above and beyond. It gets to a point where you are incapable of going above and beyond anymore, because you can barely handle the day to day. I fear that will happen at work, and when it does, what will happen to the rest of my life outside work? Home? School? All that good stuff?

I will not let that stuff slide. I swear that. Work pays the bills--it's family, friends, and school that are the really important things in life. I've never understood people who live for their jobs. I have a job so that I can live. But then, to be honest, I've never had a job about which I am truly passionate. I am hoping that an MLIS will change that.

Ah, Career, why needs must thou vex me so?

Or something.

I really need to try and get some writing done...and I don't mean blog writing. I need to dig back into The Chronicles of Charlie Morning and Mr. Night. Maybe when I'm done with this entry I will. I need to get that done so I can get it to some readers and in a month or two get down to revising so I can start shopping it to publishers. Reliquary wants it, and I'd love to have them publish it, but I really think this one deserves to be on the shelves at Borders and Barnes and Noble, and they just don't have retail distribution. I have to at least TRY to get it out there. I think it could gain a lot of popularity in the Young Adult market.

Okay, that's that. Not a huge entry, but an entry. Sorry if it's too boring. More later.

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