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Monday, July 19, 2010

(LIS 2600) screw nature

Lately it seems like my entire life is just one thing after another and I just can't catch a damn break. After shelling out $688 to get my car fixed (and being without a vehicle for two full weeks), I'd hoped I had earned a respite for awhile. But nope. Last night I went downstairs to discover the carpet in my (finished and sealed) basement was soaking wet, and there was mold on the walls.

I have thousands of dollars worth of collectible books down there, because as I said, the basement is a finished one, not a raw stone dirt floor storage basement. So how did this happen? Easy. All this goddamn rain we're having in the middle of the dry season of the year. Torrential downpours and God damned thunderstorms THAT WILL NOT STOP. I'm sick of this! There are no WORDS for how sick I am of this!

We turned on the dehumidifier, but the carpet down there is ruined. I have to get all my books out of there after work today and pray that they haven't begun to grow mold themselves. My furniture down there is all pretty well destroyed.

And the worst part? Yeah, it's supposed to rain EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. Seriously, this is just ridiculous.

Add to it that I haven't slept well in weeks. I've been having bizarre nightmares constantly, probably due to all the stress I'm under now. My neck, back, and chest hurt constantly from never getting a break. Work just keeps getting worse and worse--they just heaped MORE responsibility on my head, now. And when I try to tell them that I don't have any more to give, they tell me they're "sorry" but that I'll just have to figure it out because there's no one else.

Here's a thought: how about a few faculty members do something for themselves once in awhile?

I just want a break. I just want things to go smoothly, without major blowups or problems for awhile.

Sigh. I have two weeks until vacation, and I need it in the worst way imaginable.


  1. Sorry to hear about your flood! I have been weeding my basement book collection for a while but that just means if I should a flood, it would be all my favorite books that get ruined. But I'd be even more upset about my figures ... I have tons of D&D and wargame figures I've painted over the years in my basement and they would certainly have their paint jobs ruined, if not contract lead rot, if we had a flood. It makes you feel sort powerless in the face of nature, huh?

    Anyway nice blog you have here. Good luck with library school. As you may know Ken St. Andre, author of Tunnels & Trolls, and Ed Greenwood, of Forgotten Realms, are both librarians. So we're in good company (I'm a librarian too).

  2. Thanks! I also maintain an OD&D-centric blog at that you might be interested in.

    I did not know that Ken St. Andre and Ed Greenwood were librarians. I consider that esteemed company indeed. As I've said before, I just hope I can find a job when I'm done.

  3. Oh, you're THAT Jason! I love what you've done with Age of Conan and explicating the old Chainmail rules, and compiling Philotomy's musings. I'll check out your other blog.

    I don't want to discourage you but library jobs are likely to be really scarce for a while. The recession has been keeping people from retiring (I was in library school about 10 years ago and the talk was all about how the graying of the profession would leave tons of jobs for us new grads. Not quite. Budget cuts have forced many libraries into hiring freezes and even layoffs, as you may know, and there is a quite a bit of cultural stupidity ("It's all online, who needs a library?"). My advice would be to consider picking up a second language like Spanish, Chinese, or whatever is common in your area if you don't want to move (they will always be in high demand). I see you are in Pittsburgh, which might be better for you than some areas. There are a lot of colleges there, if you are interested in an academic library job (if you have a second graduate degree!)

    Good luck!

  4. Yeah, I know. Things are tight for librarians now, especially when you are in a situation where you can't relocate as I am. I'm just hoping and praying that something comes to pass within the next year that changes the landscape a bit...


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