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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bow finishing log part 2: EPIC FAIL

Okay, not EPIC...but the sunburst stain didn't work. It was kind of a long shot anyway. To do that type of finish you really need spray stain, and as my friend Mike pointed out, as narrow as that bow is, I would've needed an airbrush to get a small enough spray to pull it off.

The first side of the first limb I did came out very nice. The second one just came out ugly. And there's no fixing it once the stain is I was kind of stuck. I just ended up covering the whole bow in Sodona Red, like I did with my old one. I am still going to attempt to do the grip in black, though on the second coat of red (which is soaking in as we speak), some of the stain ran over the tape and onto the grip. Hopefully the black is dark enough to cover over the whole thing.

I'm considering doing the edges in black as well. Will have to see how it all looks when done.

I've added the new photos to the facebook album.

More tomorrow.

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