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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Week in Review

Monday: Still looked like I had the diabeetus.  Got my grade on my final project for Humanities: 100%.  Talked to the doctor about the potential condition.  100% was a nice way to start the week.

Tuesday: Made an appointment to have my A1C levels tested.

Wednesday: Got stuck with a needle.  But on the up side, short work day.  Completed the last of my schoolwork for my MLIS.  Never will I have homework for a Master's degree again.  Well, okay, never say never, but you get the point.

Thursday: Discovered that they are re-releasing the Commodore 64 as a modern computer that still looks exactly like a Commodore 64.  Typed my previous blog entry while waiting for my last class to begin.  MLIS COMPLETE!

Friday: DISCOVERED THAT WHILE I AM PRE-DIABETIC, I AM NOT, IN FACT, DIABETIC. Glucose levels this time were 119.  Still not great, but as my doctor put it, "not too bad."  A1C levels were around 6.  Need to continue watching what I eat, get on a workout plan, and lose some weight so it doesn't turn into full diabetes, but I don't have to worry now every time I want to have a few beers with my buddies.  Got a rejection letter from a job at Moon Township library (I was way under-qualified for the job and applied because I figured I had nothing to lose)--which is better than the no contact I've gotten up till now. While it may seem strange, that was a good thing. 

Saturday: Found a guitar lesson online that allowed me to learn a song I was having a lot of trouble with, went to Kennywood with Mike and Julie, and had an awesome time.  After we got home, discovered in the mail I'd gotten my first check for Broken Gods!  (Get your copy at, or for the Kindle, or for the Nook, or for the iPad on iTunes)

The verdict:  This has been a really good week. Let's hope that things continue to go well for awhile.  I think I deserve it.


  1. Great news about the diabetes Jason, make sure you're a good boy and do what the doctor says - bugger sticking needles into yourself for the rest of your life.


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