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Monday, October 31, 2011

Remember, Remember, the Novel in November

Well, one day till NaNoWriMo, and I haven't even registered yet. Need to get on that later tonight. I've done NaNo for the past couple of years and never succeeded yet. My thoughts this year are scattered, so I'm not sure where I'll end up, but I'll make my best effort.

As for what to write, I am torn between starting a sequel to Broken Gods, the second book in The Chronicles of Charlie Morning and Mr. Night, or a completely new horror novel that I half-conceived last week. The Charlie Morning book seems a leap of faith, since I haven't published the first one yet (and that one may end up being a self-publishing venture--we shall see). Broken Gods has a small readership and I have a strong idea for the sequel.

The new novel, while a bit derivative, is intriguing to me as it'd give me a chance to try my hand at Lovecraftian horror. I came up with the idea while reading up on various Stephen King stories online, particularly "Children of the Corn." I thought about how he's done these awesome fictional New England towns and populated them with all manners of horrific occurrences and it occurred to me that I could do something similar for Pennsylvania. There have been some news stories about happenings in central PA lately that can serve as a bit of inspiration. Will have to see how it turns out.

I guess, in the end, what I write will be whatever is ready to come out when I sit down tomorrow to start. That's often how my writing works anyway.

It's going to be a busy month, creatively, as I still have to keep up with my law blogs for Optimized Scribes, and I have a book to edit and layout for Elf Lair Games, as well as doing NaNo. So we'll see how it all works out. Could be quite the fulfilling month, if everything goes.

Fingers crossed about some career irons I have placed in the fire as well. Keep sending me good vibes--I need all I can get. I don't want to say anymore right now, until there's something to say.

I guess that's all for now. Thoughts scattered. Will try to write more later on.

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