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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Decent Week

It's been awhile since I could say that, but I had a decent week this week.  I got my Transformer Prime tablet for which I've been saving up since November--it pretty near broke me this month, but I got it. Kind of wish I'd known about my car needing a new radiator before I ordered it.  Well, no, that's not true because had I known about that I may not have gotten the Prime. Also got us a new Blu-Ray player, as ours was pretty old and had some stutter problems with newer Blu-Rays.  I think I actually solved that issue, but I'd already ordered the new player when I did, and besides, we were ready for a new one.  Plus, this one supposedly can be hacked to play all regions of blu ray discs by installing Australian firmware to it.  Haven't tried that yet.  I had to jury-rig the surround sound to run through the TV as the new player doesn't have an optical out and my surround sound system doesn't decode HDMI audio signal, only optical.  So I ran the sound from the blu-ray to the TV, and the TV's optical into the surround sound component. Worked like a charm.

Tonight Julie and I went to see Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D.  I will take any excuse to see any Star Wars in the theater, and in this case it was worth every penny.  If there is one thing Lucas does well, it's making things look gorgeous, and only he could take an analog film that was not shot in 3D, and manage to turn it into an amazing 3D experience.  Easily the best 3D I've seen since Tron: Legacy. There were no added scenes and nothing altered save the welcome change from the awful Episode I puppet Yoda to the CGI Yoda from Eps. II and III--and that change was present in the Blu Rays.  I expect, actually, that the movies will match the Blu-Rays.  I also expect this may be the last time anyone ever sees them in wide release in the theater. George doesn't get many more of these before people stop going.  I debated wearing my Jedi uniform but Julie wanted to keep a low profile tonight.  There was a Vader there from the 501st, which made me wish I had worn my gear, but ah, well.

I had a relatively low-stress week at work, which was nice.  Got to recharge my batteries a bit.  The only downside this week was that I slept very light.  I didn't necessarily sleep poorly, just light.  And I woke up about 10 minutes before the alarm every day, which led to me feeling rather tired this week.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Pens game with my buddy Mike; I always enjoy going to hockey games, and I've gotten to do three so far this season, which is pretty awesome. I feel bad for Julie as she hasn't even set foot in the new arena yet since it opened last year.

I do, at some point, have to read the next section of my Conan scenario for Sunday's game, cook for the Sunday group, and get as much of Eldritch Witchery, the next sourcebook for my rpg, edited as I can.  I promised Tim (the author) that I would put all other creative projects on hold to get that done--I owe him that and more.

Guess that's all.  Just a check-in for the evening.  Sleep tight, all.

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