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Monday, July 23, 2018

My Latest Kickstarter is Live!

Just taking a moment to let everyone know I have a new Kickstarter in process for Troll Lord Games!

The Fifth Edition Player's Guide to Aihrde is now live!

The Fifth Edition Players Guide to Aihrde is far more than an introductory book to Aihrde; it is a game book designed for players! This full color, hardcover book is presently set at 128 pages (but is likely to be longer). It is absolutely jam-packed with information to take your Fifth Edition Fantasy game to the next level, regardless of whether you adopt the campaign setting of Aihrde. We’re confident, however, that the world will win you over just as it has so many others…


In the Players Guide we bring a complete write-up of the history and background of each of the races within the context of the world. No longer is your dwarf, elf, halfling, gnome or other character a generic fantasy stereotype; they are given a broad treatment that ties them directly to the weave of the world and the Arc of Time within. Each of these demi-humans offers new sub-races for your Fifth Edition game, as well as new class archetypes based on the cultures of these races. In addition, we present a brand new race: the goblin as a PC, with a special Eldritch Goblin (reborn) sub-race!


Not only will you get new sub-races in the Player’s Guide to Aihrde, but new archetypes, paths, oaths, colleges, domains, arcane traditions and more. All of these have a deep connection to the campaign setting, some to individual PC races and others to the guilds and orders of Aihrde, but can easily be translated to your 5e game of choice.


The Fifth Edition Players Guide to Aihrde offers far more than just demi-human classes, however. Within its pages you’ll find more spells, equipment, fast paced combat rules, as well as learn the secrets of rune magic, including the dreaded Blood Runes, those ancients magics that allow one to pass through time as a shadow. With the Blood Runes comes a discussion of time travel in game context.

There are rules for class skill checks—never worry about your Cleric not being proficient in religion or forgetting to take proficiency in survival for your Druid! Rules for critical misses, crushing blows, bonus languages literacy and more! The rules section culminates in rules for inspiration points—no longer do you simply have inspiration or not. You gain points that you can use for far more than just gaining advantage on a roll. This optional subsystem allows for a greater degree of drama and player agency within the context of the game.


Next up are the gods, with each major deity of the world outlined for the players use. Clerics dedicated to a given deity find that beyond their domain, they get additional cleric spells or special, albeit minor, powers to further enhance their character’s role in the game. For instance, those who worship Wenafar, the goddess of nature can gain the ability to wild shape as a druid once per long rest.

After getting familiar with the gods, you’ll see a complete primer on the setting. The world of Aihrde is laid out before you, including the peoples, kingdoms, geography and the guilds and orders of Aihrde.


From there, you’ll see appendices on the economy of Aihrde, and rules for bringing black powder firearms into your 5e games. Finally, for our SIEGE engine game fans, we haven’t forgotten you, either. The final appendix includes guidelines for adding elements of Fifth Edition Fantasy into your C&C games.

The Players Guide is a small resource with a massive amount of gaming material. It’s everything you need to get started in a rich setting that encompasses over 10,000 years of history, without being tied to metaplot or someone else’s epic hero NPCs. This world is dark, epic, gritty, dramatic, and best of all, it’s yours to make of it what you will!


Aihrde is a giant setting and a world rich in detail. The Players Guide helps to bring the world alive at the table. But it stands by itself. Even those who do not play in the world of Aihrde can use this book and its basic classes and magic to bring a whole new feel to their own table or even their own world.

I hope you guys will take a look, consider pledging, and please, by all means, share the link anywhere and everywhere! I'd love to see it all over the blogosphere, social media, forums, everywhere. This is an important one for me. Thanks for your support!

For more information, see:

The World of Aihrde Homepage

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