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Thursday, October 31, 2019

FINAL HOURS on my new Kickstarter. Please pledge!

Well, folks, I'm in the final hours of my Kickstarter and we're about $404 shy of funding. I'm hitting my networks in a last ditch effort to raise that final few hundred bucks. It's frustrating being so close, and knowing that it's all or nothing.

All I can say is this: if you've been a fan of my work in the past, you'll love this game. If you're a fan of Tim Brannan's work in the past, you'll love this game. Our DNA is all over it. It's a great game for the old school crowd. It's a great game for the modern design crowd. It's a great game for anyone who loves modern gaming, and it's intended to launch Elf Lair Games to the next level as a real publishing company.

The rules are lightweight, fast-playing, intuitive and fun. It supports multiple play levels and styles, from normal/realistic to over-the-top cinematic to grim and gritty. It offers a toolkit to let you build exactly the world, monsters, and game you want. And it's dead simple to run.

If you're already in at a $10 pledge level, consider bumping up to $35 to get the hardcover as well. If you're not in yet, please consider dropping $35 or so. It'd mean a lot to me. It'd be a dream come true, in fact.

Anyway, that's my final pitch. There's a ton of information about the game, how it plays, what it does, and even a free Quick Start kit over at the Kickstarter page. Please check it out.

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