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Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

So here we are. Hello, 2010. We've made it through the first decade of the 21st century (yes, I know, technically the 21st century didn't start till 2001 because there's no Year Zero, and really technically it wasn't till something like April 2004 because of the 400-odd years they didn't account for leap year blah, blah, blah...we made it through a decade of the 21st century. Deal.)

The first decade was rough, to say the least. It began with fear and worry over that Y2K garbage. Then came 9-11. War, terrorism, the greatest economic recession since the Great Depression, unemployment in the double digits, the housing market collapse, crime on the rise (doubtless related to all of the above), people close to me and people close to those I care about, have's not been a happy time.

That being said, some good things did happen, for me at least. I completed my B.A., got married, bought a house, came back to Pitt after enduring the most awful work experience I've ever known, and made some of the best friends I've ever had (technically that started in 99 when I met the guys, but we'll handwave it in). I published my first book and began my Roleplaying Game industry freelancing. Though my first book for Palladium Studios wasn't everything I'd hoped (nor was my relationship with the company, which turned out to be somewhat heartbreaking), I have enjoyed some degree of success in the RPG industry with Eden Studios and have some potentially good prospects with Troll Lord Games. I started graduate school and finished my first semester with a 3.75 GPA; not too shabby. Not a 4.0, but I have to cut myself some slack, as grad school is rough in ways you can't explain to someone who hasn't been there. I can keep pushing for that 4.0, though.

So yeah, the first decade of the 21st century has been one of wild ups and downs, both for me personally, for the country, and for the world.

So what's all this leading up to? 2010. It's a new year, a new decade, a fresh start. I know, I know, everyone says that every year. But this year, I have an uncommonly good feeling about what's to come. I have a very powerful impression in my gut that the coming year is going to be my year. Good things are on the horizon--I just know it. I can taste it. Julie and I are going to enter a golden era this year. She thinks I'll see my first novel publication; I have the same feeling. I also have a feeling there are positive and lucrative changes in the near future economically for me. While winning the lottery would be a great way to see that happen, I'm thinking more along the lines of the idea that I'll get the opportunity for a great job.

I'd like to make a new band happen this year. If the guitarist I have potentially lined up works out, that can happen soon, too.

In any case, the new year is looking good. It's been awhile since I had a really positive outlook on what the future held--usually I just hope for the best. But this year feels different, somehow. Hope I'm right, and hope 2010 is a great year for everyone, all around.

Here's to it!


  1. Happy New Year!

    Any thoughts toward Elf Lair Games in 2010?

  2. I'd love to say I do, but as of now, nope, no thoughts. I may or may not get back up and running. If/when I do, I don't want to do it on a whim--I want to have the cash to do it right.


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