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Friday, January 29, 2010

I had a strange dream...

I had a dream last night that I was captured along with my entire extended family by reptilian aliens (specifically, the ones from the V television series) who took us to a (supposedly) secure mansion where we were being kept essentially as livestock to be consumed at a huge banquet. As with most aliens in V, most of them kept their human skins on most of the time. They seemed an amalgam of the classic V and new V aliens. Mostly they wore uniforms like the new ones, but had laser weapons like the old ones.

My family, having gone through what we've gone through, took things in stride, but were a bit too ready to accept their fate. My brother-in-law Ian and I hatched a plan to get out of there, and managed to escape through a bathroom window. Once free, we went around to the front of the mansion and opened the door to get everyone else out. We had to overcome two guards to do so, and in the process got two of their laser guns.

This accomplished, we stole cars to get out of there, shooting the guards in the guard towers (and their laser defense batteries) with our new pistols, scooping up their discarded weapons as we fled--ostensibly to join or form the Resistance. I remember screaming back at them as we fled something to the effect of, "Give us your best shot! Nothing you can do can take us now, because we have YOUR weapons!"

The dream shifted after that, and I don't remember anything else.

I'm no expert in dream interpretation but I can't help feeling that this particular dream had something to do with how trapped I've been feeling in my life of late. I keep telling myself that it's all leading towards something, to suck it up and plow ahead. In August 2011 I'll have my master's degree and things will hopefully look up from there.

It's just that August 2011 seems so far away.

And what about the escape part? Most of the dream seemed to focus on that, on Ian and me plotting and executing our escape. In the end, we were successful in a big way. Does that mean simply that I want to get out? Or does it mean that there's something there--perhaps something involving Ian--that I am missing, which could help me, somehow? I have no idea.

So, Noble Readers, if anyone out there is an expert on Jungian dream interpretation, have at it.

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