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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Broken Gods progress

The fine fellows at Reliquary Press have informed me that Broken Gods is being edited as we speak. Presuming there are no major rewrites or revisions to be done, that means within a couple weeks it should be in layout. I have begun discussing cover designs with them. At the moment I am in favor of a closeup of Sabrina, looking all intense and grim, with a silver ankh hanging in front of her, or somehow superimposed.

Failing that, I think perhaps a sinister representation of Jack with his Book of Thoth.

Anyway, things are progressing. If it by some miracle makes it out before Gen Con I will now be bummed not to have a spot in Author's Alley. There's always next year, though. It may be time to consider a new website--or at least, domain name. At the same time, though, that might be a bit premature. Perhaps a re-branding of the blog (or a new blog) for starters might be more in line with what I need to do.

I'll definitely need to start working on promotion, big time. If anyone has any ideas about how to go about that for a new author, please feel free to comment. Yes, the publisher will market for you, but you have to be your own promoter as well--this much I have learned.

I am loathe to turn to Twitter, but if it's a good resource for promotion and marketing, I'll do so.

Anyway, things are moving forward. Keep your fingers crossed, wish me well, and by all means spread the word! The more people who know about this, the more people will buy it when it hits the virtual stands on Amazon.

Thanks, and stay tuned!

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