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Thursday, June 24, 2010

(LIS 2600) A day of reflection

It really feels like I'm running on empty this week. I've felt varying degrees of "not well" since Sunday--part of that was a mild case of sun poisoning from spending all day on Saturday helping a friend get started building a new front porch. He lost his original porch during the Blizzard of 2010. And yes, I know: how stupid of me not to wear sunscreen. But just as much of it is a combination of a mild summer cold and just plain exhaustion. Summer classes are rough--so much stuff to do, all smashed into a semester that's 6 weeks shorter than the norm. Plus my day job, where my responsibilities have (as I've already posted) trebled. Plus someone (it seems) needing help with something every damn weekend so I can't even do the things around my own house that need to be done. However, things are not as grim as they once seemed. I have fallen into a good working relationship with my new boss, who seems to appreciate the hard work I'm putting in. I am also hoping against hope that my annual review and the workbook we all just did for a consultant will yield something positive for me. We shall see about that.

In any case, today is a recovery day. I missed classes this week because of not feeling well, and today I took a sick day from work to rest, regenerate, and hopefully get over this cold while recharging my batteries. Julie has been concerned about me, which I very much appreciate. I told her I'll be okay, that I just need recuperation time, but I think she's under the impression I was mad or thought she was nagging--which isn't true. I'm lucky to have a spouse who is concerned.

I got 2500 words written in Charlie Morning and Mr. Night earlier this week. I'm hoping to do some more today, but it has been hard to get motivated to write--my mind is just flat-out tired. But I can do this. I will make it through the next year and I will graduate and get a job in a library and then, I sincerely hope and pray, I will be happy and re-energized on a semi-permanent basis. I just really need to keep a positive mindset about this. I have spent far too much time lately dwelling on the negative. While I don't think that'll change suddenly and completely, I can at least start making more of an effort.

I am looking forward to Gen Con. The week away from work in Indianapolis, kicking around the dealer's room, usually does wonders for me. I am also excited that over Labor Day weekend Julie and I are going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival, which we've wanted to do for quite a few years but never had the time or money to do. And money hopefully shouldn't be as tight, now, with Pitt's new tuition payment plan.

Dad's coming home this weekend and next weekend. That's a real treat. Since he took the job in South Carolina we hardly ever get to see him (once a month if we are lucky) and I didn't get to spend time with him on Father's Day because the rest of the family went down to SC, which I had neither the money nor vacation time to do. So I'm taking him out to lunch on Saturday. Then, next weekend, he's coming home for the 4th of July. Hopefully we get a nice weekend for a change. I'm about sick of it raining every damn weekend--it'd be nice to go out to the folks' place and jump in the pool.

Guess that's all. Just some rambling thoughts for a day of recovery and reflection.

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