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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

(LIS 2600) The Chronicles of Charlie Morning and Mr. Night - Future

So thanks to Tim "I Should Never Be Allowed To Make a Movie" Burton and the lovely phenomenon of Parallel Development, volume two of my Chronicles of Charlie Morning and Mr. Night (when I get to it) will probably see Becky, Galen and friends visiting Never-Land instead of Wonderland...though my Wonderland is significantly different than Burton's vision, it still seems too close, too soon. I'll decide for sure when I start writing volume two.

In any case, just to be prepared, I found myself in need of information about the girls in the Darling family for the past, oh, six generations (given that the original Peter and Wendy novel took place sometime between 1907 and 1911--I'm going with 1911). Even that is speculative, though, as at the end of the book Barrie says that it all "took place a long time ago." However, given that the trappings of the book are Edwardian, we can assume that the narrator is speaking from a (then) future time, and that the book takes place in the period in which it was published. It's all very confusing, I know--as the Tenth Doctor says, "Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey."

But I digress.

Yes, I have given the three "new" girls have the last name "Darling." Either assume that the Pan lineage travels through the male line but he approaches girls...or just don't think too much about it. I'll work out a suitably fantastic explanation in a moment.

The original novel gives us names for the first three generations: Wendy, Jane, and Margaret. We know from the book that Jane met Peter and adventured with him. We will assume that Margaret did as well, because Peter loves those Darling girls.

Now, the name issue. Presumably, since Jane was Wendy's daughter, and Wendy was married, their last name was not Darling, which leads us to believe Margaret's would not have been, either. Let us imagine, however, that in a children's-fantasy-driven coincidence, Margaret's daughter Angela somehow re-acquired the name "Darling." Either she discovered her heritage and changed her name, or fate stepped in and she married a man with that last name--three generations down the pike would remove her far enough from questions of impropriety for that to have happened.

In any case, having names for Wendy, Jane and Margaret, and having introduced Angela in Book One, left me the relatively simple task of choosing but two names, and assigning surnames to the first three (which are not provided). I chose Kathryn and Mary as my first names. I then needed to come up with dates of birth (and death, in the first three cases) and information about where they are now and how (and if) they met Peter. Here is what I am working with at present:

1. Wendy (Darling) Peterson - Deceased (1901-1977), Natural Causes
2. Jane (Peterson) Williams - Deceased (1921 - 2000), Natural Causes
3. Margaret (Andrews) Williams - Deceased (1939 - 2004), Cancer
4. Angela (Andrews) Darling - Alive (1959 - ?), working in U.S. hospital. May have met Peter.
5. Kathryn Darling - Alive, (1980 - ?) Single mother, living in London with her daughter. Never met Peter.
6. Mary Darling - Alive (2000 - ?), living in London, never met Peter...but that will soon change.

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