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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

(LIS 2600) Independence Day Weekend

Well, this weekend was a cycle of ups and downs. We got off work early on Friday, which we often do the day before a holiday (one of the nice perks about this department--Dr. B is great that way). Unfortunately, when I was on my way to gaming Friday night, my car broke down. I had stopped at Co-Go's to get a gallon of diet iced tea, and when I came back out, the car wouldn't start. I had all the electrical systems at full power--lights, AC, radio, everything. Just nothing when I turned the key. Wouldn't turn over. Nothing except a very faint click.

This had happened the weekend prior, and after the car sat for a few more minutes it was fine. So I let it sit for about 15 minutes, then tried again. Nothing. At last I called my friend who was hosting the game and told him I was going to be late, explained the situation, and called AAA. The lady said "within the hour." The tow truck showed up just over an hour later. I showed the guy the problem, we got it up on the flatbed and he took it to the garage down the street with a note. I then went to gaming (which was within walking distance).

Saturday, I called the garage, but they aren't open on weekends. Then Julie and I went to my folks' place to visit, swim, and just generally relax. That was a good day. My uncle and his wife came out, as did my buddy Mike, and we just kicked back. I got to see my dad for the second time in two weeks which is a rare treat since he started working in South Carolina and usually only gets home once a month.

Sunday, Julie picked up her mom and brought her over for lunch. We had lamb skewers with veggies. Good stuff. Then we took her mom home and headed to Ken and Rya's place for their annual 4th of July get-together. We ate more, spent time with friends, watched fireworks, set off fireworks, and got home around 11 so Julie could get to bed, as she had to work yesterday.

Yesterday (Monday) was my day to get stuff done and then just recuperate. I've been running on empty far too much lately and I really need to find a way to make that stop. I'm just not sure how. I think after the summer semester is over things will calm down a bit. Classes this fall are both online so at least I'll have some more evenings free. But that's neither here nor there.

I got up, had my coffee, then did a pass on the facing cement for my stairs that I've been trying to get fixed. They're almost done, thankfully, though while the patchwork seems solid, it doesn't look anywhere near as good as a professional would do. But that's the price you pay for DiY, I guess. Anyway, then I called the garage. They were open yesterday, but told me the car started for them no problems (of course...sigh). Of course, they also didn't want to just start replacing stuff without being able to replicate the problem.

Thing is, from the way the car has been acting lately combined with some research I did on my own, I am 90% sure the issue is with my ignition switch. I told the mechanic that and explained the situation. He said his only concern was changing out the ignition switch and then having it happen again because the real problem was the starter. I said if that happened, then I'd know, but that we needed to start somewhere and since the problem is intermittent, he might not be able to get it to replicate. What I didn't tell him is that if it's the starter, that's something I can do myself--but I don't mess with automotive electronics, so I'd rather have them do the switch.

They said they would get back to me about the cost of the switch, but that it would be sometime today because they weren't able to get to it yesterday, being swamped with appointments. We'll see what happens. Fingers crossed, I get the car back today in working order. And thank God for outlasting my bad credit rating so I once again have good credit and consequently, a credit card to pay for this.

Anyway, after I talked to the garage, I got showered and spent the rest of the day watching DVDs--specifically The Stand and Neverwhere--while chatting with friends (Robin and later, Jeff) on the compooper. It was generally a nice, recuperative day save that I am still stressed about my car. When Julie got home from work we went to South Hills Village, ate dinner at the food court, then headed to Barnes & Noble and Half-Price Books. I walked out of B&N with a copy of The Complete Gospels, a text for which I've been searching for several years, now, and I walked out of Half-Price with three Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom hardcovers and a 2-disc DVD collection of The Incredible Hulk Returns and The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. On the way home I read Julie the first chapter of A Princess of Mars (she likes to listen to me read aloud) and when I got home I watched Return of...Hulk then went to bed.

This morning, early morning because Julie had to dump me on the South Side at 6:30 so I could get to work--she has to drive halfway across the state today for her job (don't ask--I don't have details because it's confidential job-related stuff) so she had to be on the road early. I sat at Crazy Mocha (a local cafe) for about 45 minutes, then hiked across the bridge to work.

And here I am, hoping for (but not expecting) a quiet day.

So that was my weekend.

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