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Friday, July 9, 2010

(LIS 2600) The week

It's been a frustrating week. Too many people whining and complaining about order mistakes--always on their end--and expecting me to magically fix them. If people would simply follow the department's policies none of this would be an issue to begin with. Sigh.

But that's the job, I guess. I can't wait to get out of here and move into a job that will at least be fulfilling to me on some level (read: library job, if I can find one post-graduation).

Letty gave me some thoughts about pulling off an internship in Storytelling on Wednesday. That was fantastic and I'm grateful. She thinks I CAN pull off an evening/weekend hours internship at the Carnegie Main. That would be a godsend if it's true. Fingers crossed. I'll have to talk to Dr. Alman and Leanne about it this fall.

Changed my profile picture. Instead of those two dancing dragons that you can't see when they are small, I've put up a photo of myself in one of my Jedi outfits for the Rebel Legion. It's apropos for me, I suppose.

Car is still in the shop. I'm hoping to hear something back about it today. Praying is more like it, actually. I really would like my damn car back.

This weekend is the Rebel Legion troop for the 911th Air Wing's family day. Something small and enjoyable I can do to help pay the troops back for everything they do for us, all the sacrifices they make every day. I've never trooped before, so I'm a bit nervous and hope I don't do something to dishonor the RL in some way. Wish me luck.

I guess that's about it for now.


  1. That's super exciting news. In fact it's the best news I've gotten all week :). You are a GREAT storyteller, and I think you would really get pleasure out of doing that for kiddos. I bet Marya would bring Brennan and the girls down to hear you read.

  2. Sorry, I mistyped that. It should read, "In storytelling [class] on Wednesday, Letty gave me some thoughts about pulling off an internship."

    The internship wouldn't be doing storytelling. It's just the means to actually pull off an internship.


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