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Monday, October 25, 2010

More Ramblings

So this weekend went way too fast. I know; they always seem to, but this weekend in particular just flew by. Friday night I went out to my folks' place just for a visit; took the new bow out for Mom and Dad to look over before I put the polyurethane on it. They used to have a furniture refinishing business so their expert thoughts are always good to seek. Unfortunately, while she thought the inside of the bow looked great, mom thought the outside looked awful. She offered to fix it up for me, and I took her up on it.

My dad has been learning to play guitar, so I took my Strat out and left it for him to play with. He was happy about that. Other than that, we just hung out, ate chicken, watched TV. It was nice.

Saturday morning Julie and I were supposed to meet up with our friends Ken and Rya to go out to Trax farms. But at 8:15 am my dad called.

"Hey, are you still home?"

"Yeah, why?"

"What time you heading out?"

"They should be here any minute."


"Why, what's up?"

"Well, I shot an eight-point and I'm down over the hill..."

"I'll be there. They can go to Trax without me."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'll be there soon."

So I trekked back out to the folks' place, and helped my dad drag a rather massive deer up a rather massive and steep hill...took us about 2 hours to get it up. But that was no problem; I was happy to help. I hung out again till about 12:30, then headed home. En route I stopped at a used CD/Movie/Game store called The Exchange on a whim, and picked up the Nightmares on Elm Street boxed set, which I'm long overdue for owning, given that I'm a rabid fan of that series. I then kicked back for a couple hours and watched Elm Street 4, 5, and 6 back-to-back, at which point it was time to head to Robert and Mike's for their party.

Kudos to Robert and Mike--probably the best party of theirs I have yet attended; met some very cool people, had a good time. Sara had a pretty rough night, but talked to her yesterday and all is well. After the party, Julie, Mike (the other Mike) and I decided to head to Eat n' Park for a late night eating. Got in around 2:30 AM.

Sunday morning I didn't wake up until 10:30 AM, which is WAY unusual for me, so I was disoriented and out of it all day. We watched the Steelers game (boy, did they get away with a win they probably didn't deserve), then I watched the Nightmare on Elm Street Series retrospective documentary on Bio (which was awesome) while working on getting the house cleaned up for our party this coming Saturday--a very daunting task. The house gets thoroughly cleaned once per year, so it's not an easy task when we do it.

Long and short of it--I feel like I had maybe 6 hours of actual relax time this weekend, between all the running around I did. I did NOT want to come into work today. I could use a good month off. But then, who couldn't?

I am just feeling kind of burned out lately. Not like I'm running on empty, per se, but like I'm just going through the motions in a haze. I miss my afternoons at the Beehive, getting writing and schoolwork done. I think I may need to give a shot at getting that going again, and pray that the Beehive hasn't changed much despite the fact that they're now a bar. But it feels kind of like I've lost something, or let something go by the wayside, and I need to get it back. I've been here before--feel lost for a little while until I realize where I lost my way and make the small adjustment needed to get back on track. This is it--my life is too rote, and I've forgotten to leave room for the things that keep me writing.

I hope the Beehive is still the Beehive I've loved for so many years. If not, I'm going to have to begin the search for a new cafe with the right ambiance. There is a nice place on Brookline Boulevard, but--and I hope this makes some kind of sense--it's too light in there. I prefer my cafes dim and bohemian. But it may just be that I need to get used to it.

I'm sure, however, that's the answer. I need to resume going somewhere in the afternoons where I can focus on what I need to do, instead of going home and watching TV or otherwise being a vegetable.

Unfortunately, this week won't be the week to start. Julie and I have too much work to do, getting the house ready for this weekend. Plus, tonight we're going to see Back to the Future in the theater, which rocks.

Guess that's all for now. I'd say that I will try to be more frequent with postings, but really, who are we kidding?

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