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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ups and Downs: Better than Yesterday, Worse than Tomorrow?

Tuesday. Today is, in many ways, the day of truth. My boss comes back from vacation and we will see if he backs me on the purchasing blowup from last week. I have a major assignment due tonight. My three last assignments have not yet been graded--two of them are a month old, which irritates me.

And in the time between writing that and now (blogs at work commonly take me several hours to write because I get a few sentences in, between work-related tasks) my boss came in. I explained the entire situation to him and he's backing me up on it. My shoulders feel decidedly less tight, now. I'm not entirely out of the woods on this; I still have to meet with the doctoral student in question, but I essentially have permission now to tell them how it is. There's a lot of back biting and self-important cattiness going on with this that's frankly ticking me off. It's garbage like this that reminds me ever more how much I hate what I do. Gotta live with it, I guess, until something better comes along, and keep my eyes peeled for those opportunities.

The school thing is still hanging over my head, but that is hopefully manageable. I just need to not fail classes. I would prefer to continue to keep my straight-A average in place, but my classes this semester are brutal. All I can do is my best to keep up and see what happens. That "F" in Resources for Children has really demoralized me, even though I'm being allowed to resubmit. If I could get my most recent grade back and get a good grade on it, that would go a long way towards fixing that.

NaNoWriMo has stalled due to the stress of the past week. I need to stop letting that happen. But now that I know all is well with the ordering snafu, my stress levels and consequently my apathy and dark mood, are lifting. Also, the boss has told me he wants to re-jigger my responsibilities so the actual purchasing and account management aspects of the job aren't split up amongst multiple people, which I think is a good idea--it will make things far more efficient. I may try and foster off some of my grant administration to our new grants assistant in exchange for the posting and levels responsibilities. But more importantly, this means that he's definitely assuming I will not be laid off due to lack of funds. He stressed again that we don't have enough staff to do things the way they should be done. This is good because it means I don't have to worry about being laid off, but bad because I was starting to think getting laid off might be a blessing in disguise where school is concerned.

I completed an e-mail pre-screening for a part time job at a local library which would be evenings and weekends. I really hope I make the cut--it would be great. Not only would it allow me to get some practical experience in a 21st-century library setting, but it would be a foot in the door when it comes time to look for full-time jobs, plus an extra $14/hr or so that would help massively towards getting me out of debt. I kind of have a feeling today that something good is on the horizon, so maybe this is it? We shall see.

So that's today, I guess. Ups and downs. Typical day in Jason-Ville, but not as depressing as yesterday.

That's all for now, folks. I'm out, and remember: "Listen, Lumberg, I got a meeting with the Bobs in about a half hour, so I'm going to have to ask you to go ahead and come back tomorrow."


  1. As you apparently live on these comments, at least have a tasty one: Ham Sandwich.

  2. Well comments let you know people are bothering to read what you write...otherwise, why bother with a blog? Just keep a journal.

  3. I always wanted to work at a library. I volunteered at one all through middle school, which was actually pretty awesome because one of my jobs was to make sure the VHS tapes weren't damaged. I'd get to watch a bunch of movies to check if they were working, and since I was just a wee little Jess, they were mostly family movies: The Last Unicorn, An American Tail...etc... :D

    Of course, I also had to wash books. I hope you don't have to wash books. :)

  4. Glad to hear some aspect of your day is looking up! I hope the children's resources resubmitting goes well. I really feel that the professor in some ways misrepresented that assignment, and that more than a few classmates are in a similar position.

    Best of luck!(I need some too!!)


  5. Thanks, Rebecca. That makes me feel a little better.


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