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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Libguide on Gnosticism

So for our first assignment in our Humanities Resources class, we had to design a libguide on a humanities-related subject of interest to us. "What," you ask, "is a libguide?"

A libguide, quite simply, is a set of online resources about a particular topic, presented in an accessible and user-friendly format. Libguides often contain links to books, journal articles, websites, and sometimes multimedia pieces on their subject of choice, which can really be anything from children's literature to the effect of a new experimental drug on cancer.

Ours, as I said, had to focus on humanities. Since my bachelor's degree is in Religious Studies, and my focus in the program was on Western Religion in Antiquity (and Early Christianity, Gnosticism and goddess studies in particular), I chose to do a libguide on the Gnostics. It can be found at, and will, so far as I can tell, be there for posterity. I hope some who read my blog find it of use.

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  1. I'll be checking that out. Although the last decade has melted most of my academic chops on Gnosticism.


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